Teaching business owners the fastest ways to make money from event sponsorship!

Simplifying event marketing so that you make MORE money faster!

  • ON demand videos to study or review when you need it
  • Saves you hours of pre-planning time
  • Shows you how to select the right event to sponsor
  • Full of money saving tricks for booth requirements
I love hearing from clients that they couldn’t believe how effortless it was to sponsor and make money from events – or that they didn’t know it could be this much fun!   EVENTS should be fun – if you are having fun then your clients will be too!

Some of the comments from the live workshop:

3.5/5 "The amount of information in the workbook is incredible value, but I found the amount of information a little overwhelming in such a short time frame. I really love your expertise and willingness to share your wisdom. I would have liked either an action piece or simple list of top three things to focus on. I picked up some great tips and would have liked a full day workshop to go through all of the exercises."

- Rebecca Garland

On Demand Video Classes make it easy to learn when it suits YOU!

No pressure to take this at a scheduled time – the course is broken into sections that can be used whenever you are ready.

  • Section 1 Before you sponsor
  • Section 2 Preparing for the event – advanced planning steps
  • Section 3 Marketing plan preparation
  • Section 4 At the event
  • Section 5 Event Follow- up

Money saving concepts for planning and executing the event on a dime!

  • Budgeting and supplier tips for lower investment costs
  • Creating optimal flow of the booth for the best ways to make connections at the event
  • Online and live event discussions so that you can choose the type of event you want to sponsor
  • Social media tips to make you an event superstar.

Nancy Seeger is an EXPERT in events:

  • Managing $3M in annual event spending for over 10 years
  • Managing 40+ events and exhibits per year
  • Managing events in locations from Miami to Denver to Puerto Rico and even Barcelona
  • Connecting people and events since 1983
  • Certified Online Business Manager (OBM)

Marketing Strategies that get results!

This on demand video class can be done at anytime YOU can fit it in!    If you were to hire me to create a detailed event plan, you would have to pay me $500 per hour. But now… you can learn the exact same secrets I use and do it all in your own time frame.

What’s included with the course:

  • 5 Videos modules that explain everything step by step ($2500 value)
  • A Workbook that walks you through each step covered in the videos ($97 value)
  • Event Budget worksheets for how to get a quick Return on Investment ($67 value)
  • Event planning timetable worksheet ($67 value)
  • Planning Checklists and more

All for the low price of: $497.00

Nancy’s Satisfaction Guarantee


If you are not completely satisfied don’t feel you can make money from you next sponsorship and grow you business – email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you 100% of you money back, no questions asked.

Seeger Consulting Inc logo Tranparent copySeeger Consulting helps entrepreneurs thrive by creating efficient marketing platforms; integrating social media and content delivery; to leveraged your revenue streams.  What if you had a method to easily create content, blogs, social media posts and the automation to reproduce those results every month without a large team?  What if you knew which events to sponsor to get the best results?  Seeger Consulting works with you to create marketing efficiencies that will explode your business growth and then teaches you how to find the right opportunities to keep the momentum going for your business.

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